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Home to the gangsters of the old Al Capone era, of Chicago hot dogs and Chicago Bears, and more recently to the new mayor Rahm Emmanuel, Chicago Illinois was one of the first and remains one of the most important cities in the U.S.

Located in northeastern Illinois, at the tip of Lake Michigan, Chicago is the principal city and metro area in the Midwest and the Great Lakes region. The Chicago Portage connects the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes watersheds.


The city is oriented to the water, situated beside freshwater Lake Michigan. Two rivers, the Chicago River downtown and the Calumet River on the South Side, flow through Chicago. The city’s history and economy are closely tied to Lake Michigan, where huge lake freighters haul cargo on the South Side. The lake also moderates the city’s climate, helping keep waterfront neighborhoods a little warmer in the winter, a little cooler in the summer.

Even with its focus on finance and big business, Chicago is a city of neighborhoods – and much of its residential area also revolves around the water. Lake Shore Drive runs along a large portion of the city’s lakefront. Some of the parks along the waterfront include Lincoln Park, Grant Park, Burnham Park and Jackson Park. There are a number of public beaches along the shore, and most of the city’s high-rise commercial and residential buildings can be found close to the waterfront.

Chicago is also a city that is savings-savvy. Particularly in our lingering recession, consumers in Chicago do what most consumers do throughout the country; they collect coupons to save on just about everything their families need.

Consumers Collect Free Printable Coupons in Chicago

Like the rest of the country, Chicago residents have discovered the savings they can earn by searching, downloading and printing coupons for almost every conceivable product and service. Grown beyond the old-fashioned newspaper coupons (even though these are still the most-often used coupons) consumers can now easily search for and find specialized websites, such as, where they can sign up for free.

Once registered with a site, Chicago consumers can get access to savings, rewards and special promotions by using the coupon codes. The savings go beyond the grocery store or other retail location; online purchasers too can enjoy discounts on everything from clothing to computers to pet food. All the purchaser need to is enter the appropriate coupon code when they order the product – no need to redeem the coupon at a bricks-and-sticks location. It’s easy to find coupon codes for thousands of online retailers and instantly save $5, $10, $25 and more.

Enjoy Free Printable Coupons in Chicago – and Anywhere!

The North Side is the most densely-populated section of the city outside of downtown. A large number of high-rises stand along the lakefront on this side of the city. Following the lead of these savvy consumers, Americans everywhere can not only cut their grocery bills significantly, but they can search for websites for coupons that feature discounts on laundry products, diapers, car service, manicures and even dinner. Sign up for free and get exclusive, members-only savings, rewards and special promotions!

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